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Sports and Holidays in the “Garden City”

In the Trentino region, doing sports comes completely naturally. This is thanks to the region’s varied topography and landscape, offering a unique and incredible scenery, from perennial glaciers, over 3000 meters high, to the Mediterranean climate of Arco, only 80 meters above sea level.

From the perfect combination of sports activities and hospitality, arises one of the biggest reasons to take holidays in Trentino, considered a little slice of “paradise” for those who love active holidays. This is a place where you can not only engage in complete physical exertion, but also relish in moments of full relaxation.

Each year, a countless number of impassioned sports experts come to Arco, solely to satisfy their expansive motivation. Here, they are certain to find ideal terrain to practice their preferred disciplines: from trekking, to climbing, to mountaineering, to canyoning, to windsurfing, to sailing, and beyond.

One final consideration, which may be superfluous, given the high level of attention and sensitivity Trentino’s guests have towards nature and the environment: in sports, as in life, limits are something we search for within ourselves, bringing us face-to-face with our strengths and abilities. In this spirit, it seems absurd to maintain an attitude of trying to challenge the elements that surround us; rather, it is preferable to adopt a more fulfilling approach, stemming from respect, equality, and balance with the environment in which we find ourselves. Thus, practicing sports safely, for ourselves and for those around us.

With this, we wish you a pleasant stay and much enjoyment in Arco.




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