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Where we are

Where we are

The pearl of the Garda Trentino

Arco in history, nature and its territory: the vocation of Arco is deeply founded in its two centuries old touristic history, spanning from the Romantic Arco to the 1800 Kurort and the Italian Tyrol - Arco is mentioned by many poets of the time for its natural beauty and its unique microclimate - and from the beginnings of modern health tourism in the 50s and 60s to the present day.

Today we find a modern and jovial town, full of incentives for the new and current motivations of tourism, mainly sporty but without missing that special charm created in two centuries of touristic vocation

sport & activities

The Sole Hotel and Holiday Apartments are the base and an ideal starting point for fans of the many sports that can be practiced in Arco. At the reception you can find documentation, support, reports and professional guides for each activity you want to undertake in the surroundings.